We have compiled a list of opportunities from the Harare City Council website. We hope that more city councils in Zimbabwe will have websites where they showcase investment opportunities for the benefit of residents and potential investors especially the Diaspora.

Having a website with direct contact details eliminates middlemen and greatly reduces incidences of fraud. The City Council still needs to do more in terms of details of projects but for now we give them credit for the efforts they have put in place in compiling the list of investment opportunities. You can visit their site on

Development Models

  • Joint Venture
  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Community Management


The business opportunities in Council are categorised as follows:

Harare Farms

Main Goal

To introduce modern intensive and diverse commercial farming operations at Council farms.

Council has five farms as given below:

Farm Name Area in Hectares Activity
Crowborough 1204 Cattle
Pension 800 Cattle
Churu 264 Idle
Porta 100 Idle
Ingwe 1400 Cattle

Opportunities for Investment 

  • Piggery
  • Poultry
  • Meat processing
  • Stock breeding
  • Cropping or stock feed production
  • Horticulture (Porta and Churu farms)

Harare Markets

Main Goal

To develop Council Markets and Bus Termini into viable and modern business ventures.

  • Home Industries
  • People’s Markets
  • Flea Markets
  • Fresh Produce Markets
  • Bus Termini
  • Carter House – Overnight Accommodation
  • Truck-In Facilities

Opportunities for Investment

Market Square Bus Termini

Develop in partnership with Council a modern bus rank comprising:

  • Bus Terminus
  • Parkade
  • Shopping and office complex
  • Toilet facilities

Cameron Street Bus Rank (Copacabana)

Develop in partnership with Council a modern bus rank comprising:

  • Bus Terminus
  • Parkade
  • Shopping and office complex
  • Toilet facilities

Angwa Street and Robson Manyika Bus Rank (Charge Office)

Develop in partnership with Council a modern bus rank comprising:

  • Bus Terminus
  • Parkade
  • Shopping and office complex
  • Toilet facilities

Luck Street Complex

Develop in partnership with Council for the construction of:

  • Parkade
  • Shopping Mall
  • Office Complex

Other Related Opportunities

  • Built-Operate-and-Transfer (BOT) home industry facilities
  • Construction of Regional Bus Termini
  • Construction of modern Fresh Produce Markets
  • Construction of Satellite Bus Termini (Mabvuku, Kuwadzana, Hopley etc)
  • Construction of Satellite People’s and Flea Markets


Main Goal

To introduce commercial horticulture and floriculture business ventures at Hillside Nursery and Cleveland Dam.

Project profile 

Site Name Area in Hectares Activity
Hillside Nursery 10 Horticulture
Cleveland Dam 200 Idle

Other suitable areas can be identified

Opportunities for Investment

  • Horticulture
  • Mushroom Production
  • Floriculture
  • Nursery

Harare Stadia

Project Vision

To develop high class sporting and function facilities in Harare as a viable business enterprise.

Rufaro Stadium

Build under the grand stands to create offices, shops and training facilities such as gym and fitness centres.

Gwanzura Stadium

Build support facilities at the stadium.

Zimbabwe Grounds

Develop a cluster of sports disciplines and support facilities.

City Sports Centre

Develop a cluster of sports disciplines to fully utilise the amphitheatre.

  • Potential ventures in the sports areas
  • Soccer Matches
  • Musical Shows
  • Wedding Reception
  • Boxing Tournaments
  • Netball and Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball and Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Offices
  • Sports Shops
  • Fitness or Wellness Centre
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Beauty Shops
  • Sauna Baths and Massage Parlors

Health Sector

Harare Pest Control

This is an entity created within the City Health Department to deal with problems of mosquitoes, rodents and other pest.

  • The entity has a laboratory.
  • The opportunity is to commercialise the entity so that it is run as a business entity.

Wilkins Hospital Extension

The extension was initiated in anticipation of the HIV and AIDS challenge.

  • The project was being funded by the World Bank which pulled out of the country in 2000 leaving the project uncompleted.
  • The HIV and AIDS scourge has not developed to the challenge that the health experts had forecast.
  • However the extension is a major health enhancement facility.
  • The opportunity is to complete the hospital extension and run it as a private hospital in partnership with City of Harare.

Modern Hospital in City

City of Harare has a prime piece of land (Herbert Chitepo Ave and Fifth Street) for construction of a modern hospital as a joint venture initiative with the private sector.

Other Business Opportunities

Harava Dam Resort Centre

Project Vision

To create an environment friendly and focused theme park and accommodation facilities that are original and rooted in our rich historical and cultural heritage but at the same time appealing to a cosmopolitan and international tourist market

Profile of The Site

Harava Dam project is situated 20km from the City Center of Harare off Seke Road. There is a virgin forest area of approximately 80 hectares. The site provides the following facilities or activities;

  • Flora and fauna and rock outcrops
  • Security and guarded entrance
  • Harava and Seke dam on Manyame river
  • Fishing
  • Boating and canoeing
  • A block of toilets near the dam wall
  • Proximity to Mbizi Game Park

Potential for partnerships in the project

Council intends to attract partners for the following activities;

  • Development of a complete package of a theme park and accommodation facilities.
  • Development of boating and canoeing facilities.
  • Development of camping site and play centre.
  • Conference facicilities.

Mukuvisi Corridor

This project focuses on the rehabilitation and beautification of the Mukuvisi River from the Cleveland Dam to its lower reaches on the western side of Waterfalls area. The project envisages the construction of Business Malls, Recreation facilities and Office Parks along the banks of the river.

Cleveland Dam

Main Goal

To create holiday resort center with up-market accommodation and recreational facilities that are original and rooted in our rich historical and cultural heritage.

Opportunities for Investment

Partnership is required for the following:

  • Development of a complete package of a nature based holiday resort center.
  • Development for a hotel and conference facilities.
  • Development of a camping site and play centre.
  • Development of a Golf Course or Golf Estate.

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