The last official census of Harare puts the number of Hararians at 2 million. The figure is divided as 1,4 million for Harare urban and 600k for Chitown. Now this is a massive number for business if you look at aspects such as who feeds Hararianss, who clothes Hararians and also who entertains Hararians! Talking of entertainment, we only have one major lake and it is Lake Chivero. There is very little entertainment at this lake and its a shame.

When people talk of Lake Chivero the only thing that comes to mind is Hunyani Hills where people just go there for braaing whilst listening to music. Few know of the many sections of the lake where you can go for fun or to chill and relax. My favourite spot is Harare Safari Lodge and Crocodile Creek.
One thing missing on the lake is boat cruises! Boats that are large enough to ferry passengers of between 20 and 50. A ferry run by a professional company that ensures that there is safety and superb customer service. What is happening at lake Chivero is criminal lol…i mean how can 2 million people have no boat cruises fun? Imagine all the kids in the capital…..they have to wait for school trips to Lake Kariba to enjoy boat cruises?

The last xmas i was at Harare Safari Lodge where i witnessed people asking about the availability of the boat….guess the response? No fuel for the boat which has seen better days? So last xmas there was no boat for the many holiday makers who thronged the lake.

Of course i know of the several mishaps that have taken place in the past whereby 13 people lost their lives in a boat accident. An unfortunate incident and am sure the inquiry into the deaths came with recommendations on how to operate commercial boating activities on the lake and one of them should be operation by a registered and professional company. So 2 million people and no boat? Add the peri urban areas and then number can shoot to 2,5 million people!


Are you in diaspora? Are you interested in investing back home? Then start kutambira kuma websites kunotengeswa ma boats, check out the prices of new and used boats….get an idea of how much you may need and slowly put your plans in place.

Imagine a boat cruise on a Friday evening? Imagine a boat cruise for a wedding (they used to do them back in the days), Imagine a boat cruise for a company strategic meeting?, Imagine a ZBIN Facebook Live Update from a boat?

Promotion of the boat cruise should be easy, Hararians are starved of water sports activities.

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