Access to Markets

Access to Markets

Export Guidance Manual from Zimtrade


We have a lot of entrepreneurs who are interested in exporting as shown by a lot of discussions on our forums. One major hurdle stands in the way  of most entrepreneurs and it is knowledge! Most people are not aware of the procedures to be followed when you want to export, what forms are involved and how much is involved.

This is an area where little has been done in terms of education, where to get information or assistance provided. An entrepreneur based in Binga could be interested in exporting handicrafts but not be knowledgeable of how to go about it. An entrepreneur based in Mutoko may be interested in exporting fresh farm produce to Mozambique but may not be knowledgeable of the procedures to be followed.

During our forum outreach in Chitungwiza we met an old lady who produces some handmade bags for sale. She previously sold them to tourists but somehow lost contact last year, there was a tourist who used to come and buy handcrafts in bulk and sell them to France. Luckily for her,  she managed to secure  a market for her baskets in Europe  and the challenge is how to export them! She does not know of the procedures to be followed, there is no ready office or institution in Chitungwiza that can assist. There is no one who can speak to her in simple terms and explain how to process paper work for the export of her handbags.

Bags for sale made by Mrs Marecha who can be contacted on +263772 327 874

As ZBIN we feel that there is need for more investment in exports promotion, do not forget the SME sector too. Policy makers should work on simplifying the procedures of exporting. This information should be easily available and be understood by everyone-finance and non finance individuals.

Last week we featured an Export Credit Facility by Agribank, excellent initiative to promote exports, however there is need for them to go an extra mile and invest in export promotion and education! Information on how to export is a big missing gap in the SME sector and as long as it remains like that then exports from the SME sector will remain low. The same applies to the Homelink Facility for cross borders provided by the government-awesome facility to the informal sector, they should however go the extra mile and invest a small amount of the facility in enabling members to have access to a lot of resources on exports and imports regulations, taxation and general business management guidance.

Below we provide you with a download of guidance on exports and it comes from Zimtrade.

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Access to Markets

New: Consolidated Zimbabwe Tenders Tracker


Lets say you are based in Ontario Canada and would like to invest back home, where  are you going to get  general information about investment opportunities in Zimbabwe? Are you going to  turn to the newspapers that are available online? Will they provide you with up to date information on opportunities in Zimbabwe? The bad news is that newspapers only concentrate on general business information.

Will you obtain information from the  Zimbabwe Investment Authority? The problem is that they only provide general information about large scale investment opportunities and their target seems to be foreigners. So who will you turn to? Relatives? Relatives may provide some bit of information but this might not be enough for decision making . Maybe  to try Private financial advisors, but how would you know about them? Do we have register of financial advisors who provide expert advice especially to the Diaspora Community? Do they have references? How would you know whether they can be trusted? Who has used them before?

Dear reader, this is how ZBIN was born, to try and bridge the gap in terms of investment information! We are not going to provide nzungu dzakamenywa but will provide you with better information than is currently available online. We are hoping to improve in terms of quality with detailed market surveys. A ZBIN member who maybe  in Diaspora or locally based, should be a well-informed person in terms of business and investment. If you are in business and your competitor is a ZBIN member then you are in deep, deep trouble because a ZBIN member will see opportunities before others see them, before the flood comes in, a ZBIN member should have crossed the river!

So what does your favourite forum have in store for you this week? We got fabulous news for you, we have introduced a Tender Tracker that targets members in remote areas where there is no access to newspapers. As a Diaspora friendly forum, we had you in mind when we created this tracker!

This will keep you up to date with all tenders circulating in Zimbabwe especially on Zimbabwe’s newspapers. Tenders mean BIG BUSINESS and every serious Entrepreneur should take an interest in them. We will compile on a bi-weekly basis and share with you…for free! We have identified a youngster who has volunteered to compile tender adverts on behalf of the community. Information provided is eaisily available in newspapers so that you can always cross check for follows ups.

In future we will help you with checklists that you need to use before submitting tenders. In the past you probably read about our message encouraging them to register and be tax compliant do you know why? The answer is that we had tenders in mind! It is through tenders that you can grow and expand your business. The first requirement on the checklist of people reviewing tenders is that are you registered? Are you tax compliant? If not then the first thing is to throw the tender in the dust bin!

A ZBIN member tender application should never be found in the dustbin, you should tick all the boxes and perhaps fail at the last hurdle?

Anyway for now, allow us to share with you what is happening on the ground. This should guide you of what to invest in. It’s a window of opportunities that exist in Zimbabwe and you are fortunate to find the information in one place….Enjoy!


Name of organisation Contact Address Tender Details Deadline
Grain Marketing Board GMB Head Office 179-187 Samora Machel, Harare Supply of poles/PVC Tarpaulins/Protective Clothing/Security Jerseys 27 March,2017 at 14:30 hours
Gutu Rural District Council Gutu Rural District Council P Bag 908 Gutu.


Supply and Delivery of a 4×4 Nissan NP300 Double Cab Truck & Supply and Delivery of a Refuse Compactor Truck


ZIMRA Head Administration

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

5th floor Kurima House

89 Nelson Mandela Ave, Harare

Supply and Delivery of 2x email security appliances

And Provision of insurance cover for stock items for ZIMRA


The tender to remain valid for a period of 90 days
Zimbabwe Power Company The Supply Chain Manager, Zimbabwe Power Company Head Office, 11th Floor Megawatt House, 44 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare Supply and delivery of Turbine Oil,

Engagement of a geological consultant for limestone investigations, lease of Munyati Power Station, Supply and Delivery of fire hoses and landing valves at Munyati Power station

28 March-4 April 2017
ZESA The Procurement Office

ZESA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

9th Floor Room 934

Electricity Centre

25 Samora Machel Ave



Provision of Non Motor Insurance &

Supply, Delivery and Installation of Skype for Business Video Conferencing Equipment

27 March 2017
Municipality of Redcliff Municipal Offices

Civic Centre

Sally Mugabe Way


Servicing of Rennin low density residential stands (76 stands) 29 March 2017
ZIMSEC The Director

Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council

PO Box CY 146



Supply of heavy duplicating machines, supply and delivery of bond paper and tamper evident security bags 30 March 2017
NUST The Bursar

Office Number BF30


1st Floor Administration Building

Cnr Gwanda Road and Cecil Avenue

Ascot, Bulawayo


Supply and delivery of a Computer Network firewall & Supply, installation and maintenance of 1:1 dedicated unshared internet leased bandwith requirements over fibre 27 March 2017
National Aids Council 29 Mazowe Street Travel Plaza Complex Provision of Insurance services for motor vehicles, buildings and office equipment and provision off Security Services



Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals PO Box CY198, Causeway, Harare Various(latex examination gloves,neurology instruments,paint and associated produts, plumbing materials, supply and delivery of bread) 31/03/2017
LAFARGE Phone 263 8677 215 000: Email Crane services sizes from 7 tonnes to 150 tonnes 17 March 2017



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