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Business Opportunities in India-Roselyn Marere Interview

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One of our greatest strengths as a business  forum is that our members are well informed. They get regular updates on their website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Online Newsletters and soon there will be an App where you can receive business news, videos and audios in real time.

We do our best to cover areas that are usually not normally covered by the mainstream media. Areas such as DRC, Angola, Tanzania, China, Rwanda, Mozambique, Dubai and India. We like India a lot because of the success of their start up businesses. We believe India can inspire Zimbabweans especially our young entrepreneurs and to date we have covered 2 Indian .features on our site. We also have a couple of Indian nationals on our forums with Mahesh being the most popular one on our WhatsApp platforms.

 Most of our features are on Zimbabwe as we try and help our Diasporan Brothers and Sisters and Foreign nationals to be clued up of developments in Zimbabwe. We do not like you to be  left out of business developments or investment opportunities in the wonderful country called Zimbabwe!

Today we however twist the tables  and feature the Diaspora. We have already done features on the Diaspora covering Dubai, Angola, DRC, Canada, Namibia and today we cover  India where our Official ZBIN contact provides an  insight into developments in India. In addition to modelling, she is a business woman in her own right. Below is an interview we carried out with her-tihwe zvizere kubva kumwana wevhu wemutupo wekwa Mbano.

Tell us about yourself

Hello, I’m Nyasha Roselyn Marere born and bred in Harare and I come from Buhera . Growing up I stayed in Budiriro and when turned 5 s we moved to Highfield New Canaan in Harare. I grew up staying in the ghetto and I attended Mhofu Primary school. In 2006 we moved to Mount Hampden better known as Goodhope.

I attended Chindunduma High 1 School then transferred to ZRP High School then to rounded up A level at  Elephant college. After  school I travelled to South Africa Port Elizabeth where I worked as a cashier in a restaurant called Fishaways before relocating  to India. I came for studies (BA Vocational Traveling and Tourism 2012-2015). I have to admit India is not like America lol there are some nice places yes but it’s overpopulated. A billion plus people so anyone can relate with the living standards. Unlike back home most houses are flats therefore few  playgrounds for the kids and most of the flats can get up to 15 floors each.

Tell us about the weather in India

India is one of the hottest countries on earth and temperatures  can get up to 50 degrees and trust me for someone who grew up in Zimbabwe you are bound to get sick the first summer. However there’s winter too between November and March and yes it is cold I remember my first year got up to ~4 degrees and that was new for me haha. Some places do snow but just a few. On the other hand India is beautiful it has a lot of tourist attractions and I have not finished visiting them.

How about Indian Food?

There’s wide variety of dishes in India , it is popular because of the spice but there’s also non spicy food and it’s delicious. I bet no one even the Indians have not tasted all their dishes. I do like Indian food but not every day, I usually eat it according to craves .

Business Opportunities in India

There are a lot of business opportunities in India mostly in the medical field. Medicine is way cheap in India judging with my experience one cannot be ill for more than 3 days because a lot of hospitals and pharmacies are all over in India. Unless one is coming for serious ailments like kidney disease or heart,  the rest of the medicine costs very less. One can also indulge in hair business because India is where it all happens with the way ladies want to be on fleek wearing Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian hair this is the best place to get it and at a more affordable price. Indians rarely employ foreigners because they are still accommodating their people first and they are a lot.

 What you enjoy most about India

What I love about India in the business world is there are a lot of SMEs. Anything is turned into business here there are a lot of small shops everywhere, whether selling groceries or maybe cigarettes- they always have something on the side generating cash for them no matter the size of profits. Unlike in Zimbabwe one will be wondering why they should put a table by the roadside and start a side business. Here there is a lot of informal business going on with a lot of people invoved in it.

Cost of Living in India

The costs of living in India depends with a persons’ taste. If you want to live at  crowded places then obviously the costs will be low but if you are looking for a quieter and a little bit fancy place then the costs will also be high.

How did you end up in the modelling industry?

I started modelling in 2013 after the death of my father because I was going through a hard time and needed to move on which we all know that’s impossible. However despite my dreams of wanting to be a pilot/ governor/ air hostess I told myself I want to partake on something I never imagined or that I think I cannot do and boom I decided to be a model. It wasn’t easy I must admit with the fake agencies etc I had to be strong but somehow I made it. I was juggling both studies and modelling and am proud of my achievements to date.

Benefits derived from Modelling

 Modelling has helped me believe in myself, gain confidence and make very important connections because in India  one definately needs a  few connections to survive.

Do you have any business ventures back home

I do buying and selling sometimes of hair for mostly my friends but I believe very soon I will start something related to modelling.

Zimbo Community in India

Honestly I’m not really sure about the Zimbabwean community in India. In New Delhi there are a few i have come across  but i hear that there could be plenty in places like Hyderabad and Bangalore. I would have talked about religion and culture but that’s a topic for another day haha. I encourage Zimbabweans who mostly want to send their kids for school to send them here as the education system in India is good. For those who want to visit they are also welcome there are a lot of tourist attractions in India and you cannot finish them all.

Ko Mutupo?


Any other business you are involved in apart from modelling?

I have started new work as a fitness trainer. You know how much people are fighting diseases that come with overweight so I do train clients and this includes  making  diet plans. I’m also a model advisor working with young women interested in the industry.

Your Contact Details

I’m glad to be a part of this interview and to those who wish to connect with me on social network here are my usernames Facebook: Roselyn Marere ,Twitter: Roselyn Marere , Instagram: roselyn_marere , snapchat: rosiemre

Are you a Diasporan and would like to be featured on ZBIN? If your answer is yes then contact us on +263774081808, strictly whatsapp and no calls-thank you.


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