About Us

The Zimbabwe Business Ideas and Network (ZBIN) forum is a vibrant and innovation driven business community of Zimbabwean and Southern Africa entrepreneurs that was established in February 2015 and is registered as a trust under trust deed MA 000457/2017. The forum is modelled along the ground breaking Japanese Mirasapo concept. The ZBIN forum is a comprehensive portal site and community where SMEs and individuals can obtain the latest information and resources about opportunities that exists in the country and regionally for their benefit. The forum also provides expert advice to members and the general public on all business related matters.

Why Mirasapo?

Name derived from the Japanese for “site supporting the future of SMEs and micro enterprises.” The business challenges faced by SMEs and micro enterprises are becoming more complex, advanced, and specialized. There is therefore need to build a support system that can provide a finely-tuned response to consultation needs.

Main Functions of ZBIN

  1. Support measures and provision of information: The ZBIN provides easily comprehensible information about existing opportunities for free. To date we have published more than 450 business articles that have been read by more than 160, 000 viewers on our website since November 2016.
  2. Strong business community: The ZBIN community is the most vibrant business community of small to medium scale enterprises in Zimbabwe. With more than 35, 000 members, the group provide a platform for business discussions, capacity building and networking. Every minute there is a business topic discussion on our face book page or Whatsapp platform. Our website has at least 10 visitors at any given moment in time.
  3. Expert counseling: The forum pioneered Volunteering Programs for the SME sector in Zimbabwe. A facility that enables the SME sector to tap into vast opportunities that exist within the Zimbabwean community. Our partnership with powerful businesses experts has created a platform for mentorship and sharing of valuable business insights. Mentors fulfil the role of a business counsellor to the entrepreneur, covering the full spectrum of management functions, depending on the nature and size of the business.. This support is delivered through a global network of dedicated business luminaries and leading corporate partners who volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to the community.

2018 Priorities

Access to Capital: Access to capital is a major hindrance for many entrepreneurs’ especially young people, women and other vulnerable groups. ZBIN aims to assist members with access to capital by working closely with local financial institutions and lenders.

Access to Markets: A lot of our members face hurdles when it comes to marketing their products and services. Using innovative approaches such as market linkages, the forum will work closely with the Private sector, NGO sector and the Government in unlocking opportunities that create models that can be replicated across the country. Emphasis is on emerging technologies that are sustainable.

Capacity Building: The forum will continue to research and find innovative ways for capacity building of the Small to Medium Scale Sector in Zimbabwe. Innovative approaches done to date includes capacity building through Face book Live broadcasts which have attracted not less than 800 views per session. More innovative approaches are in the pipeline.

Start-up School: The forum to carry out a number of sponsored start-up schools that helps entrepreneurs to identify, develop and launch successful start up projects

Diaspora Investment Promotion: The ZBIN is the friendliest community for the Diaspora involved in researching and advocating for Diaspora’s share of opportunities in Zimbabwe. The forum recognises the importance of the more than 3 million diasporan community that plays a significant role in the Zimbabwe economy by remitting close to $1 Billion a year. ZBIN engages the community and helps them with information about opportunities that exist within the country.

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