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Business Ideas for Women in South Africa

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The ZBIN forum is now truly regional in focus as we now have business groups and members in Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Every minute, there is a business discussion going on in our groups with some speaking in Chewa, Njanja, Sesotho, Tswana, Ndebele, Zulu or Swazi…the list of language is endless. We have become truly regional catering for the needs of our members in the various countries that we cover. One of our latest initiative is the formation of special whatsapp business groups that promote businesses from members. Members do not just advertise their products and services but get to promote each other-buying from each other and helping in advertising as well.

One of our focus this morning is South Africa, the land of 50 million people! The richest African nation south of the equator and we cover comments posted on one of our sister forums. A member had asked what sort of business she can do with a capital of R2000.

We emphasize that when it comes to starting businesses, do not start with capital-rather start with markets and then seek capital last. Starting with capital limits your options, it limits your innovation and often leads to  you investing in areas you are not familiar with. So start with what you enjoy doing and then seek markets for it.

Anyway below we feature some of the responses from members. Please note that we are not encouraging you to follow up with the people who posted and conduct business as we have not verified whether what they are saying works nor whether they are selling genuine products or services.


Peegee Khumalo Start a perfumes/Detergents manufacturing business, I can assist you get started. For your R2000 you will get a profit of ±R7000 your first month .

Sisanda Ka Nhanha Solomon join Forever and sell our products for profit

Ranwedzi Forex Trader Calvin Forex trading

Ephy Monna Manyaka Where is your interest if i may asking…?are you interesting in selling unique products or?

Zanele Dlams Be careful though don’t give your money to people for nothing

Tebogo MJ Mpanyane invest in bitcoins

Linda Ndlwana Join TLC with R1000 get 5 teas ,resell them @ R350 each

Portia Saku Sell these perfumes. Whatsup me on 0789650816

Taffy Muza Buying and selling of second hand clothes for kids and ladies. Inbox if interested

MaliwaJr BabakaOlwethu Ma guy, be your Own Bassi for the starters i prefere u make your own chemical manufacturing ngi Owner i Business engalqala ngo R700 only easy followable Steps. No machines needed buy the Raw chemicals and start making ur own Face wash its about to get hot. Majority needs dry skin/ with low fats/ fresh and tender I can give u all the ropes!  i started with a 25L which produced /gave me a return of R5000 I sTILL Do

Reeva Forman REEVA Beauty & Health products . Star as s REEVA condultant and build a sales team. Excellent income obtainable and sustainable.
Reeva Forman
Cell 0832287777

Pieter Van Der Merwe I do wholesale pergume 30ml @ R25 can sel them for R60+

Ilona Van Staden Selling ladies accessories is a good start. Women buy a lot and u will make a good profit.

Tuks Tuks buy 50kg of washing powder with 600 then resell with 20ltr

Mandla Biyela With that R2000 I can teach you how to make perfumes. You will get the kit and atleast 30 perfume to start off the business

Lemogang Sebeco Stock Brazilian and Peruvian hair.inbox

Phomelelo LeAmo Mampholo Sell suits..

Nikita Bhanprakash Selling comforter me on 0783074049

Sheilla Chisi As little as R190,, no limited order, no dead stock, and for all you my friends who would like to buy one or know more about ths, just hit my inbox


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