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Thinking of relocating back home in the nearby future? Then the vehicle industry is one of the cash cows you should not be left out of.

Write down the following figures
1.The current vehicle population is estimated at 1.2 million.
2.Harare has more than 700.000 vehicles.
3.Most of the vehicles are found in high and medium density suburbs.

The Gap
Most medium density and high density areas do not have vehicle repairs and maintenance services. We only have a few tyre changers and not tyre sellers, a few service stations and car washes.

Study the car repairs and maintenance business and bring it closer home. The last time ZBIN visited Mutoko, we did not find a place to do wheel alignment. So you can convert your high density home to commercial purposes if it is located along busy high roads and set up a car service centre pa open space. Think of the Machipisa Rd…Kuwadzana Ext main road….Mufakose or Glenview. Lastly study the second vehicle value chain and exploit opportunities such as the supply of car parts and accessories. The country currently produces 18.000 batteries but national demand per month is 25.000…who is filling up the gap?

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