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Advice from Vava Mamkhomazi Melane: Entrepreneurship Destiny


So often people fail in business and lose money and time not because they lack the knowledge and skills to run a business but because they lack the necessary passion for the kind of business they are in and end up investing all their efforts on a pipe dream. I always say that a business idea is useless without the backing of passion and drive.

God created us with multiple skills so that we wouldn’t have to depend on anyone for our survival.. But even skills have categories and as much as we are multi talented our passion lies in certain things or skills not in everything we think we can do. As an entrepreneur first know your strengths, do an introspection then cultivate them into tools that will help build your empire..

 Example : Youre an entrepreneur, you cook and sell food, make profit to make ends meet, but you also buy and sell clothes, engage with people, do research about the latest fashion, buy in bulk and recruit people to sell under you. You can do both these jobs well but when you are selling the food there’s no fierceness in you as much as when you are selling the clothes and engaging with the fashionistas of the world. But because you dont know where your passion lies you continue to exhaust yourself by juggling both jobs thinking one day things will change while investing time and money and draining yourself by dragging dead weight. At the end of the day you have two businesses that you are running which aren’t performing because you as an entrepreneur are not giving them your full potential because you haven’t mastered where your passion lies. Then you fail because you’re a jack of all trades but a master on none

My Advice : Introspection! Introduction! Execution!

☆Research yourself.. Find out exactly what is it that you want to do.. Find your passion and commit. You can run one business and still manage to turn it into an empire as long as you know your passion and commit.. Look at Bill Gates.

☆Stop second guessing yourself, if business is for you then it’s for you. Take the passion to another level and start thinking like a mogul. In business you will notice that once you get your mind set off the gutter and start thinking like a business person, then your language starts to change, your circles start to change and you start researching and associating yourself with people who add value to your hustle.. The smell of success does that to you so don’t be apologetic for the changes in you.. Marinade in them..

☆Then implementation can begin.. Start grounding your business.. It is not a sin to treat other business ventures as a hobby., something you do on the side while you commit you time and money and invest in the one business venture you are passionate about..Find it and stick to it and remember it takes blood, sweat, tears, many failures and sleepless nights to build and establish and make a name for yourself as a business and a brand. You will fail many times but the key to is rise again and do your best..Business is about learning. Be a Phoenix!!!

 Vava Mamkhomazi Omhle Melane is a South African Business Woman based in East London. She is passionate about women empowerment and enjoys writing inspirational and motivational business stories.


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