Diaspora Matters

5 Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Champions


The Zimbabwe digital marketing landscape is made up of 1 million locals on Facebook, over 5 million with access to internet and an estimated 4 million connected to Whatsapp. The figures do not include diasporans where an estimated 3 million are based. Many companies are not aware of the huge numbers that exist on the platform and this is an advantage to those that grab a market share before saturation.

So who has been doing well on digital platforms?

  1. Nash Paints
  2. Marrilier Properties
  4. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Page
  5. Seedco

The battle is between Nash Paints and Marrilier Properties and whoever is helping in designing their digital marketing campaigns need a half year bonus! Students of digital marketing need to analyse the above top 5 champions and get hints on what works on the Zimbabwean digital landscape.

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