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在中国的商业机会 : Business Opportunities in China

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zǎo ān – 早安.-Good Morning Dear forumites, 你好吗,  I hope find you well. Ok this morning we are going to discuss about 业务 (business) opportunities in China. We will bring an old post from our wonderful forum and please feel free to edit  or comment.

Linda Tandi Makini I buy lights and Toys 2dollars box

Ma Bla Kiva see wat I mean $2 a box,now wen selling in Africa one toy is $1 minimum

Ma Bla Kiva China is all about buying things for resale at home,to do business while you are based there requires a lot of capital and hard work,that’s why you find that the Chinese themselves rush to Africa coz there is a ready market for virtually anything that you can source from China ,given that you find the products very cheap there

Ad Mire Prime Makusha Harare to Guangzhou (Ethiopian, KLM, Egyptair, Air France, Emirates, Kenya) $643 Harare to Shanghai( Kenya, KLM, Air France, Emirates, Etihad )$986 Harare to Beijing ( Emirates, Air France, Egyptair, Etihad, South African, KLM, Ethiopian )$991.

Praise Chabona My friend goes to China every other month. She brings clothes, shoes, hand bags and travel bags…she doesnt have a shop or a flea market. Shop yake ibag rake

Miriam Biza Muringai Depending with when you book you can get a ticket to Gunazhou up to $900 or $1,400. you need to plan in advance. It is good to decide to know what you want to buy in advance so that you buy excess luggage in adavnce. If you do not doso you will be stuck because things in China are very cheap. You can find cheap hotels from abut $20 going up. Be very careful when changing your US you can get fake yuan. If its first time you need tow ork with about 7 days at least. Remember its just about 2 days going there and another 2 days coming back. There are so many markets you need time to compare prices and look around. Dont allow anyone to give you parcels at the airport on your way back you can be given drugs and the Chinese have very had laws if you are found in possession of drugs.

Tanya Sibanda Thanks for the info. What’s the minimum amount to carry if one wants to order beauty accessories?

Elizabeth Maziveyi there is also a good market for wood carvings (curios), African print material etc which can be sold at fairs. information about these fairs can be found on Chinese tourism website. good profit and very little hustle. gives u exposure as well to other markets that have goods at cheaper prices than shops. so u will be buying in zim and selling in China and buying in China and selling in zim. feel free to contact me for more info

Originally posted on Zimbabwe Business Ideas and Network Facebook Page in October 2015. Do you have up to date information about business opportunities in China? Then fee free to comment in the comments section below

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